Land Nav Assistant

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important! Your locations aren’t stored anywhere but your device. We do not track your location. We do not track your usage of the app. We do not track locations or grids you enter into the app. We do not share information about our app.

You have the option to download your locations as a spreadsheet, or share your locations with an import code. These spreadsheets and import codes can only originate from your device or the online location import tool. While using that functionality, your locations are stored in temporary memory so we can relay your locations to you. Your locations are never permanently stored, and are unreadable except by you or anyone with your download link.

We believe the best way to protect your personal data is to not collect it at all. It’s your data, and access to it should only be granted by you. When we receive a support request via email, we may ask for details such as your location or grids to help solve a problem. You are not obligated to share this with us, and we will never store this data except in email correspondence.

This privacy policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to reflect changes to our information practices.